Expert Panel

This is a directory of our members who have volunteered to offer help & advice to fellow members on their nominated model. The assistance is offered freely and without responsibility as it’s based on the experience and knowledge of  the Expert in the interests of members & promotion of our Club. Please respect the Expert’s privacy and accept his willingness to offer assistance.


Eclat/Excel/Elite        Dennis Hogan                             03 8794 8539

Elan                            Richard Mann                             0419 565959

Elite                            Peter Murray                             03 9560 0082

Elise S1                       David Mottram                           03 5423 9528

Exige                          David Mottram                           03 5423 9528

Esprit                          Paul McCreery                           0449 621 033

Europa type 46           Iain Palmer                                 03 9326 2282

Europa S                     Craig Chalmers                           0412 983 818

Seven                         Simon Henbest                          0458 448 870

Clubmans                    Les Bone                                   0418 584 534

DeLorean                    Derek Lipka                               0408 829 675

If you have a request for assistance on any other model(s) please contact the Committee using the Contact Us facility.





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