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Lotus Notes Archive:


April           201804LotusNotes

March           201803LotusNotes

February           201802LotusNotes


December           201712LotusNotes

November           201711LotusNotes

October           201710LotusNotes

September           201709LotusNotes

August           201708LotusNotes

July           201707LotusNotes

June           201706LotusNotes

May           201705LotusNotes

April           201704LotusNotes

March           201703LotusNotes

February           201702LotusNotes


December                201612LotusNotes

November                201611LotusNotes

October                201610LotusNotes

September                201609LotusNotes

August                201608LotusNotes

July                201607LotusNotes

June                201606LotusNotes

May                201605LotusNotes

April                201604LotusNotes

March                201603LotusNotes

February           201602LotusNotes


December           201512LotusNotes

November           201511LotusNotes

October               201510LotusNotes

September          20159LotusNotes

August                20158LotusNotes

July                     20157LotusNotes

June                    20156LotusNotes

May                     201505LotusNotes

April                   201504LotusNotes

March                 201503LotusNotes

February             201502LotusNotes


December            201412LotusNotes

November          201411LotusNotes

October             201410LotusNotes

September         201409LotusNotes

August               201408LotusNotes

July                   201407LotusNotes

June                  201406LotusNotes

May                   201405LotusNotes

April                  201404LotusNotes

March                201403LotusNotes

February            201402LotusNotes


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Currently financial LCV members can access the eMagazine on this site by logging in. Your Username is your name as it appears on your Club Member’s card and the Password is your Member Number.

Eg. If you are John Citizen, Member Number 123, you would log in by entering

username: john.citizen
Password: 123

Information for Non Members

Lotus Club Victoria Inc. publish a magazine, Lotus & Clubman Notes, every month except January which financial members receive either by mail or electronically on this site in Victoria and Queensland. Lotus Club Queensland contribute to and share our magazine.

From April 2014 Lotus & Clubman Notes is the official magazine of Lotus Club Victoria, Club Lotus Australia and Lotus Club Queensland in its electronic form. The magazine is accessible to members of these clubs Australia-wide. Hard copy versions are available via mail at extra cost to members of LCV and LCQ by request.

If you are a prospective member and would care to receive a complimentary magazine to see what we do and how we do it there are a limited number available by calling our membership secretary John King, 03 9537 7359.


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