Paul’s Shed

September 10, 2013
7:30 pmto10:00 pm

You may know Paul Halstead,the IT man who changed the face of Australian supercar retailing with the Toy Shop in Sydney,selling DeTomaso,Lamborghini,Ferrari,Porsche products. He has created the Giocattolo sports car…………..

“Giocattolo Motori Pty Ltd was a short-lived Australian car company, founded in 1986 by sports car enthusiast Paul Halstead and Formula One designer Barry Locke . The company’s name comes from the Italian word for “toy”.

“The Giocattolo was originally based on a heavily modified Alfa Romeo Sprint with a mid-mounted Alfa V6 engine. By the fourth prototype, the V6 engine had proved to be too difficult and expensive to import and install in the car, so the company instead used a Sprint 4-cylinder body shell. The V6 was replaced by a rear-mounted Holden V8 engine built by Holden Special Vehicles. As well as being cheaper, these engines had more power than the Alfa engines they had originally intended to use. The reported top speed of the V8-powered Giocattolo was 160 mph (260 km/h).

Including the Alfa-powered third prototype (which was rebuilt and re-fitted with the Holden V8 after an accident with a police car almost destroyed the vehicle), just fifteen Giocattolos were built before the company folded in 1989.  Thirteen of the fifteen cars are believed to still be in existence and one is unaccounted for. The other – Build No. 007 – was infamously destroyed in a fiery high-speed crash at Eastern Creek Raceway in February 2001, killing its driver, 29 year-old Todd Wilkes.

The third prototype appeared on the TV show Beyond 2000.”

………….and recently recreated the Holden Monaro as the HAL Monaro.

This club night celebrates a remarkable career in super car engineering.

The venue is Unit 4,4 Norwest Avenue,Laverton North,Melways 39D11

There will be a sausage sizzle,tea/coffee & lite beer. Paul has advised that there will be a Giocattolo on display plus a Lamborghini Diablo SV,Monaro GTO with 750 hp.,’70 Plymouth Cuda,DeTomaso Pantera race car and an Arlen Ness Victory motorcycle……enough toys ?

Go to  to see the story

Club contact is Craig Chalmers,0412 983 818

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