LCV Motorsport at DECA Shepparton

April 7, 2013



Well folks,it’s on again this year through popular demand,

 LCV day at DECA on Sunday 7th. April.

The track day consists of timed laps on a small road circuit of 1700 metres,one standing start lap & one flying lap. It is anticipated that each competitor will have time for five sessions on the track. Driving skill tests will be run concurrently on the skid pan with a variety of marked layouts,also timed. A BBQ lunch will be provided with tea & coffee available throughout the day. Trophies will be awarded at the conclusion of competition.

The same car can be driven by up to three competitors,allowing for a family competition,e.g.

You must read & understand the Supplementary Regulations and present your car at Scrutiny on Sunday morning. If it does not comply with the Regulations you will be required to rectify any faults and present it again at Scrutiny before you are allowed to compete.  Be aware that driving behaviour will be observed and you may be warned by the officials. Failure to comply with a warning will result in your exclusion from competition.

Noise is a problem in built-up areas so your car must be quiet. Excessive noise cannot be tolerated. The noise limit will be 75dba.

Only those cars with CAMS logbooks will be required to have them endorsed at scrutiny and the competition record amended.

Helmets must be correctly marked for compliance with the appropriate Australian Standard or equivalent foreign standard. Full face helmets required in open cars.

Fire extinguisher must be securely attached with a metal bracket easily accessible by the driver while seated. It must have a minimum tare weight of 800g. of powder,no more than 3 years old as marked and have the correct Australian Standard marking.

Seat belts & harnesses will be inspected for compliance & suitability for competition. Clothing must cover neck to feet,no synthetic materials and shoes should have leather uppers and fully enclose the foot. No thongs or high heels chaps !

We can confirm that the format of the event will be the same as last year,the entry fee has not increased and the same accomodation has been booked for those travelling on Saturday.

These links will open the documentation you need for our track day at DECA:

Introductory letter to competitors : DECA 2013 Letter to members

Supplementary Regulations for the event: DECA 2013 Sup Regs

Event entry form: DECA 2013 Driver Entry Form

Accomodation booking form for Saturday,6th. April :  DECA Accommodation Booking Form (1)


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