Night navigation Run

February 1, 2013
6:30 pmto9:30 pm

We have planned a noncompetitive night navigation run suitable for amateurs on Friday,1st. February 2013. The start will be in the Ruffey Lake Reserve,80-90 Victoria St.,Doncaster, Melways 33J10,specifically the northern car park between George and King St.

Assemble from 1830 for a BBQ and soft drinks provided by the club for a start at around 1930. Route instructions supplied and a help number if you get lost. The run can be completed in two hours. We anticipate getting together for a few soothing drinks and an opportunity to discuss the event  at a cafe in Warrandyte at the finish.  Club contacts are Jack Burns 0427 820 622,Simon Henbest 0458 448 870

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